Are you a CheapSkirt?

As a child, my sisters and I would always raid each others' closets for "finds". Mixing and matching their stash with mine could create entirely new outfits at a time when our parents were pinching pennies and couldn't afford all new wardrobes for us.

TheCheapSkirt.com brings that same fun of inexpensive "closet raiding" to you! Most of the items in our store are pre-owned but in wonderful condition, allowing you to add to your own personal "stash" and add to or create entirely new outfits at just a fraction of the cost.

Sort of like consignment store shopping, but without the hassle and the funky smells! Items in our online store have been cleaned, we note any flaws if we find them (they are few and far between), and we photograph them in detail so you know exactly what you are getting.

The remainder of our items are brand new with tags, but deeply discounted. No mall sticker shock here! And, really, where else can you shop at 2am in you pajamas?

Save yourself the gas, time, and energy of schlepping from store to store, let your mouse do the work for you. All you have to do is browse your size, put what you want in your cart, pay securely with your credit card or checking account via PayPal, and sit back and relax while your items are on their way to your doorstep.

Items are shipped out either the same or next business day your payment is made, no waiting around for six weeks only to be notified the party dress you needed last week is "out of stock", like some large online retailers.

And check back when your wardrobe is ready for another update, things change quickly at TheCheapSkirt.com... you never know what fun items you will find--and at these prices, you know that they won't be around long!